Significance of colours in our life.

All of us have heard about the scientific theory of a ray of light passing through a prism that separates into a spectrum. But have we really taken a pause, to understand what it really means, to take in the significance of natural colours in our lives? Now, what I think is that colours are … Continue reading Significance of colours in our life.

Through the rain

It is three in the afternoon and the weather is cloudy. The wind is howling outside and the trees are shaking. The birds are flying away from this scary sky and the flowers’ petals are falling off one by one. I am sitting in my room , painting when I hear the tapping of water … Continue reading Through the rain

The Significance of Folk Songs

The songs sung in events are specific to a community, a geographical locality and social conventions. These songs portray the life of common people through bright, simple and bold colours. Folk songs like those of bihugeet, Rabindranath sangeet etc. amount towards the unity, diversity and the customs of a particular community. The tune of the melodious … Continue reading The Significance of Folk Songs