A dream come true!

Sitting comfortably in a brown and orange colored boat, the peaceful atmosphere has me captivated. With my legs relaxed and hands on the boat, my eyes are held onto the blue dream come true. When I look up, I see the endless and beautiful sky. As I walk my eyes downwards, the calm, still and … Continue reading A dream come true!

Your life, your way!

“Be what you want.” “ Listen to yourself.” All of us have heard these quotations.Unfortunately, to most of us they are just words. Understanding what it actually means and implementing it in your life is a bigger but better step undertaken by a handful of creators. Once you create your own life, you become a … Continue reading Your life, your way!

THE COLOUR OF GLEE  Laying on the shore of the beach, And making merry to my hearts content. Listening to the melodious birds speech, And sensing the soothing jasmine scent. Spending precious time with my family, And baking delicious dishes. Enduring my heart with life’s glee, And this gave rise to the colourful shade in me. Experience this … Continue reading

The man who I bumped into- story writing:

Strolling on the busy street, I noticed the hurried movement of people. The tensed look on their faces suggested that they were worried about something. “Maybe work” I thought to myself. I was looking around wondering how lucky I was to be happy all the time. Not noticing the pavement ahead of me, I bumped … Continue reading The man who I bumped into- story writing: